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Pillar Candles
Amish Harvest™In stock$8.99
Autumn Leaves™In stock$8.99
Bahama SplashIn stock$8.99
Black Satin In stock$8.99
Blue Safari In stock$8.99
Bread BasketIn stock$8.99
Caramel Apple In stock$8.99
CashmereIn stock$8.99
Christmas Splendor™In stock$8.99
Clean SlateIn stock$8.99
Cottage CharmIn stock$8.99
CurrantIn stock$8.99
EvergreenIn stock$8.99
Exotic BerryIn stock$8.99
FantasyIn stock$8.99
Follow Your Heart In stock$8.99
Forest Blend™In stock$8.99
Fruit Pizza In stock$8.99
Gardenia In stock$8.99
Green Tea GardenIn stock$8.99
High Cotton™In stock$8.99
Holiday MagicIn stock$8.99
Indian Summer In stock$8.99
Japanese QuinceIn stock$8.99
KiwiIn stock$8.99
Kiwi Pear In stock$8.99
KudzuIn stock$8.99
Lavender Fields In stock$8.99
LimeadeIn stock$8.99
Linen CrispIn stock$8.99
Macintosh Apple In stock$8.99
MagnoliaIn stock$8.99
Mardi GrasIn stock$8.99
Mistletoe In stock$8.99
Nature's WalkIn stock$8.99
Orange PeelIn stock$8.99
Persian TurquoiseIn stock$8.99
PlumeriaIn stock$8.99
PomegranateIn stock$8.99
Pumpkin Perfect™In stock$8.99
RadianceIn stock$8.99
Rain ForestIn stock$8.99
Red Hot CinnamonIn stock$8.99
Satin Sheets™In stock$8.99
SeaglassIn stock$8.99
Silver BellsIn stock$8.99
Spice Gourmet™In stock$8.99
Spiced CiderIn stock$8.99
Summer BreezeIn stock$8.99
Sweet DreamsIn stock$8.99
Sweet EarthIn stock$8.99
Sweet SerenityIn stock$8.99
Tupelo HoneyIn stock$8.99
Vanilla Extract In stock$8.99
Vintage BrandyIn stock$8.99
Warm SandIn stock$8.99
Warmest Wishes™In stock$8.99
Whisper WhiteIn stock$8.99
Votive CandlesIn stock$2.49
Jar Candles
Apothecary Jar Candle 10 oz.In stock$14.99
Jar Candle 8 oz.In stock$9.99
Tarts and Oils
Refresher Oils for Simmer Scents In stock$8.00
Simmer Scents In stock$1.99