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Amish Harvest

Welcome the fall season into your home with beautifully blended earth tones and the irresistible fragrances of sweet apples, clove, and cinnamon. Choose from 14 different sizes to place as a set or individually.

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Coral Scented Candle

Autumn Leaves Scented Candles

Beautifully vivid colors of gold, orange and green blend to create this beautiful Fall handcrafted layered candle. Scented with our McIntosh Apple, Kiwi and Harvest blend this fragrance is perfect for a cool Fall day.

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Caramel Apple Scented Candles

Beautiful rich earth tones with crisp apple top notes blended with a creamy sweet long-lasting caramel base.

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Pumpkin Perfect

Our Pumpkin Perfect candle creates a cheerful, contented feeling in your home as it fills with the cozy smell of pumpkin and nutmeg and reminding you of falling leaves and a crisp, clear autumn afternoon.

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